Unleashing meaning, compassion and the power within.

A philanthropic leader and thinker at the forefront of social change and consciousness shift 

Unleashling meaning, compassion and the power within.

AJ Dahiya is a philanthropic leader with nearly a decade of monastic service and the Chief Vision Officer of The Pollination Project, a global community of 4,000+ grassroots volunteer leaders in over 125 countries.
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AJ Dahiya - Conscious feeling

Conscious Feeling

About a year ago I had surgery. I was fortunate to have a wonderful team that,...

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The Place Where We Are Kind

This week, I am drawing inspiration from the Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai. In particular, his poignant...

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AJ Dahiya - Greatness and Perfection

Greatness and Perfection

“You are not ready for independence. If we were to grant it, you would make so...

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AJ Dahiya - Planting seeds or stones

Planting Seeds or Stones?

Lately I have found inspiration in the writings of the Polish-born American Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel....

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True power is not found in what you can take. Real power lives in what you give.

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