Cause and effect is a relationship between two things, wherein one results in another. For example, if one goes to bed late and doesn’t get enough sleep (cause) one will feel sleepy the next day (effect).

We tend to live in a world of cause and effect where one thing is needed to lead to another. In such a state the tendency is to see action in terms of result. I do thing x because in return I get y. This shifts the focus away from the action itself and fixates one on the associated fruit of the action. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Oftentimes aiming for something serves a purpose in motivating us and becomes a catalyst for forward movement.

This tends to make our walk in the world a transactional affair. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, I’ll do this to get that, let me give something so I can take something in return.

A true spirit of service, however, is different. Service that is driven by deep compassion and a recognition of the innate nature of the heart is not dictated to by the realm of cause and effect, because pure service is cause and effect in and of itself.

In contrast, service driven by the ego yearning for adoration, prestige, and admiration degrades the service quality, relegating it back to transaction – the world of cause and effect.

Pure service (selfless action), as opposed to ego-driven service (selfish action although noble), finds its only cause to be the spirit of service itself. And the effect is the opening of the heart through which more service tendency flows.

Cause and effect bind one. Pure serving spirit is selfless and selflessness is freeing. Only from a place of freedom, having broken open the shackles of the ego, can one see themselves in the truest form. And what will you find in that place – a being that is full, joyful, and an unlimitedly potent unit of serving potential.

This life is meant for serving others – make the most of it.

Published on Elephant Journal | November 26, 2021|

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